Leadership Development Program

The Leadership development path for middle and senior management

Leadership Development Program

Whether you have already worked on your personal and professional growth or are new to this kind of development, these modules are offering from the start tools, skills and strategies to increase your performance and to support your direct reports to become a motivated and performing team.

While they are designed as part of a sequential development path, the modules can be taken independently.

Building the Leader

Start from the individual to build the leader. Understanding what drives you (and what limits you) helps you develop your own authentic leadership and manage yourself and your team in a more personal and effective way.
Knowing yourself more deeply and starting to understand the impact you want to create on others and in the world, day by day, you will decide the leader you want to be.

Leading Others

You will have an in-depth focus on what makes a manager a Leader for others. You will experience ways and tools to become a more effective manager in a world that is so very different (more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) from what it was a few years ago.
We’ll explore what it means to co-create and environment where everyone’s ideas have value and failure does not exist. You will learn how to contribute effectively and with authenticity to others’ development, while being fully yourself.

Leading Within The Organization

The third module supports you in applying all that you have learned into an organizational context and support others in theirs and the organization’s transformation. You’ll experience the importance and the impact of the manager-employee relationship to know how to lead your people and avoid people and organizational issues related to burnout, low motivation and missing vision.
Through a practical application into the reality you work in, we’ll focus on the undividable connection between achieving results and truly managing people.

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