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I believe every company can grow conscious leaders who, through authentic relationships, create a better world.

Alessandra Bortolussi

Manager / Leader

I believe managers, of any kind of company, all have a serious responsibility.

On the one side they need to achieve measurable results for their organization (market shares, profits, cost reduction, process efficiencies, etc.) and on the other side they have often big teams of individuals to lead, knowing that to be able to be successful they need their people to be engaged, collaborative and in support of the company direction.

Being a “Manager” is a role, being a “Leader” is a competency we can learn through personal growth, practice and consistency.

Being a Leader is a choice made of self-awareness, relationships, authenticity, integrity.

Too often in organizations, relationships are not managed, and communication is led by habits, talents or likings.
But success is not obtained in isolation.

I know that through direct experience: seeing the successes obtained through a healthy culture and effective leadership versus the failures of whom managed by authority, without being joined by anyone.

And it’s maybe especially because of this that it’s become even more important to show how effective leadership has the ability and the duty to grow people and companies at the same time.

Business/ People

I believe in a world where companies know that growing conscious leaders is a value and a necessity to survive and thrive in an environment that is more and more complex and volatile, and that moves at considerable speed.

A world I have experienced myself in more than 20 years of working in the corporate environment.

And it’s this experience that has made me see what it looks like when we prioritize listening to and engaging people in the process of bringing complex and delicate projects of organizational transformation to successful conclusion.

Projects that translate intoteam development, innovation, increased performance, talent retention and reduction of turnover. .
All elements that are fundamental for a company’s success.
Of any company’s success.

In this era of business revolution, every CEO, executive and manager knows how important it is to invest in themselves and their own leadership. Due to a huge offering of development programs, choosing the right journey has never been more difficult.

This is why it is crucial to find the right travel partner.

Life/ Development

Professionally, I have grown up in a global corporation.
Every year, every quarter really (!), challenges were bigger, objectives more ambitious and teams more remote, working from different regions and countries.

As every manager, I knew that without the involvement and contribution of our people no real organizational change could be achieved.

But how to balance authentic and deeper relationships with budget constraints and corporate deadlines?

Through my daily job I have seen what is needed to bring global projects to rewarding completion, bring different cultures and ways of working together, managing sensitive manager-employee relationships, through self-management and true communication.

Who needs to achieve measurable results knows very well how companies look at numbers. This is why I certified in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: to forward change through the concepts of continuous improvement, data analysis and implementing standard processes.

Only when I approached the Co-Active coaching and Leadership Circle training that I received the education and tools to bring all of this together to start my next chapter. Both are recognized and certified coach training trajectories with people experientially learning life lessons from successes and failures. Mainly failures.

It’s because I believe that great corporate leaders will change the world, that I dedicate myself to Executive Coaching and Leadership Development.

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